ERP Solutions


SAP is the world leader in enterprise application in terms of software and software related service revenue. Based on market capitalization, SAP is the worlds third largest independent software company. SAP is the center of today’s technology revolution developing innovation that not only helps our customers run at their best but also improve their business processes.

AG Consultraining provides consultancy in SAP services from advisory and process consulting through the implementation and support. Our expert SAP certified consultants comes from a various industry backgrounds which brings diverse business process experience with unparalleled geographic reach, accelerators and methodologies to ensure leading companies get superior value from their investments.

The management of SAP initiatives in large enterprise level organizations requires substantial business process knowledge, in-depth integrated & innovative strategies combined with talent base across the different business functions. With SAP’s devised state of the art technology and methodology that is an Industry standard world over, AG Consultraining helps you to focus on the end-to-end application life cycle from the up-front design, build and implementation of applications through ongoing management and application bringing you near to your business objectives.

    SAP Finance and Controlling
    SAP Material Management
    SAP Sales and Distribution
    SAP Production Planning
    SAP Plant Maintenance
    SAP Human Capital Management
    SAP Project Systems
    SAP Quality Management

    Marketing Planning
    Campaign Management
    Lead Management
    Market Analytics
    Customer Segmentation


    SAP for Retail (IS-R)
    SAP for Utilities (IS-U)
    SAP for Public Sector (IS-PSCD)
    SAP for Oil & Gas (IS-Oil & Gas)
    SAP for Telecommunications (IS-T)
    SAP for Healthcare (IS-H)
    SAP for Banking (SAP for banking)

Erpisto ERP & CRM with Analytics

Erpisto ERP software provides financial reporting, CRM & Enterprise software solutions with 360 degree view of your business activity to automate Business Processes. Our Erpisto products and solutions enable fast growing businesses and companies to become enterprises by monitoring performances through real time analytics. Erpisto is leading ERP Solution provider introducing its dominant Enterprise Resource Planning products globally. Get updated with our Go Mobile products. Erpisto Customer Relationship Management System is effective on-demand CRM software for managing customer relations in the best way. Try today & become a real boss.

AG Consultraining is now being the Authorized Resellers Partner of Erpisto in Pakistan.


All businesses and companies of the modern world want to keep pace with the latest trends and techniques and Erpisto helps them in evaluating their performance and then provides the best ERP solutions and products for the future advancements. Erpisto has got many experts who utilize their knowledge and deliver state of the art Erpisto solutions and correct information so that business owners can take perfect decisions.

  • Accelerates the order-to cash process by 50%+                                                                                                                                                           
  • Slashes the financial close with real-time reporting
  • Strengthens procurement with approvals and vendor management
  • Improves employee management through self-service
  • Drives decision making with personalized dashboards
  • Improves accountability and compliance with strong traceability
  • Reduces IT costs and delivers automated ERP upgrades
  • Elevates productivity with anytime, anywhere access


    Accounts & Financial Managemen
    Human Capital Management & Payroll
    Sales Management
    Procurement Management
    Budgeting & Financial Planning
    Enterprise Asset Management
    Point of Sales (POS System)
    Inventory Management
    Warehouse Management
    Production Management
    Process Manufacturing
    Discrete Manufacturing


    Cloud CRM
    Sales Force Management
    Lead & Opportunity Management
    Re-seller Management
    Campaign Management
    Asset & Inventory Management
    Sales Pipeline Management
    Sales Quotation Management
    Customer Services Management
    Contact Management
    Multi-Languages Support


    CRM & ERP Advanced Analytics
    Lead Scoring & Pipeline Forecasting
    Customer Engagement Analytics
    Budgeting & Planning Analytics
    Human Resources Analytics
    Marketing & Growth Analytics
    Product Sales Analytics
    Workforce Analytics
    Store Operations Analytics